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We shot this Ad in many locations in Kenya and Hong Kong, with a ton of extras to co-ordinate. The Ad needed to appeal to a wide spectrum of audiences anywhere in the world so we had to ensure to give it a non-specific identity irrespective of characters used.


We shot this Ad in the UK and Kenya, using various favourite soccer, rugby and basketball teams, including Arsenal. Post-production was done mainly in South Africa. Our approach was to create a seamlessness, to tell one story even if there were all these teams and sports codes, and the fans were as critical to the story-telling too, not just the players.



This Ad we shot in the Ukraine. It is a HOT summer day and the only thing that can quench this guy’s thirst is a 7up, and it literally shoots him up to a pool on top of a building where the cool world of 7up lives, and he gets the girl in the end…. yeah yeah girl we’ve heard it all before, so we needed to make it feel different.


This was a relatively conceptual Ad using a juxtaposition of a play with words and action in a manner that created a dramatic tension, yet left you with a smile on your face and pride in being part of a diverse South African family. This was no “typical” Ad.

Globacom Ball

This was the first ever Globacom Ad, shot on 35mm, before digital claimed the space it occupies now. We are posting the commercial because it brings back great memories. We shot it over 10days in various parts of Nigeria and finished it in South Africa.

RTIA Fake Pastor

How many people try to find ways to avoid paying that traffic fine you could have avoided: parking at the wrong spot, speaking on your mobile phone, crossing the red light, driving like Lewis Hamilton in a 40km/h area?

Brand SA Rhythm Of The Nation

We shot this Ad a while back. It was for Brand SA, the entity in charge of the image of South Africa locally and abroad. The concept revolved around a rhythm that the country pulsed on that every person played a part of.


IOT is the new IT. More and more companies are trying to get in on it and conquer the space. Cummi, a new African company, asked us to create an Ad for them, which we conceptualized and executed, even designed a successful Online/Digital Strategy and Marketing for it.

Can't resist the LaCasera

This is one of our Ads shot in South Africa for the Nigerian market, a skill we had developed very well by the time we shot this. We needed to do an aspirational take on a family who will do anything for getting their hands on the La Casera drink.

Absa Limited Loans

The Brief was very simple for this commercial: Capture a great feeling after receiving a much needed loan from Absa Bank without having shown the man receiving it.